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Bedpan Fight

Joined: September 2017

Brooklyn punk rock!

Bedpan Fight has shared the stage with The Dickies, The Queers, The Casualties, Guttermouth, and Against Me!

For their second LP "Cock Flavored Soup Mix," info and more, visit

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But, Pyrite

Joined: September 2017

But, Pyrite is a hardcore band hailing from the streets of New York City with one goal in mind: bring pressing issues to light over fast guitar riffs. Issues such as wiping your butt to prevent it from developing an itch, maintaining loyalty to crew neck t-shirts, and the proper way to consume cereal are just some of the many important topics covered in But, Pyrite songs.

hopeless otis.jpg

Hopeless Otis

Joined: September 2017

Hopeless Otis is a punk band from Queens, New York. They sing about solutions instead of problems. They keep things positive so you don't have to. They want you to grab your fears by the lapels, pin them to the wall and pummel them like no tomorrow.

Science Club from Philly!!

New album out soon; be on the lookout!


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Science club

Joined: October 2017

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League of pity

Joined: October 2017

League of Pity has one foot in the punk of the 70's and 80's and one foot in the pop sensibilities of the 60's with a present day twist!

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Joined: October 2017

NJ Street punks!

Band members:


Jimmy - Bass / lead vocals

Collin - Guitar / lead vocals

Tim - Drums / lead vocals

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Joined: October 2017

Misha Datskovsky- Drums/Backing Vox
Jesse Fogg- Bass
James McGill- Guitar/ Lead Vox



fuZz puNk from the Philly area that's fun to get drunk and sweaty to

pyrite logo.jpg

left in the attic

Joined: October 2017

3 piece BX Garage/Punx!

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agony kings

Joined: October 2017

Long Island Hardcore!

Band Members:

Mike Stack-vocals

Jim Shearman-guitar

Bobby Grandner-drums

Matt Sazooki- bass

pyrite logo.jpg

the car bomb parade

Joined: October 2017

NY/NJ Hardcore Punk Thrash!

Band Members:

Dan "Family Man"

Will E. Ramone

Le Merf

Jay Flash



Joined: April 2019

Awesome music and good feelings!


Tom- Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jimmy- Drums, Vocals
Danny- Bass

pyrite logo.jpg


Joined: October 2017

Syracuse, NY Punk Rock: Good jams, beers, bad dad jokes and horrible decisions!


Band Members: Dustin-Guitar, Vox // Red-Bass, Vox //

Dave-Lead Guitar/Vox // Kyle-Drums

pyrite logo.jpg

a very special episode

Joined: April 2018

NYC Punk/Shoegaze



Kasey Morgan - Bass, Vocals; Patrick Porter - Guitar; Richard Chen - Drums

Shrug Dealer Logo.jpg


Joined: February 2019

FFO: Lagwagon, Satanic Surfers, Propagandhi

Shrug Dealer is coming in hard to the New York City punk scene, and they don’t plan on slowing down or shutting up any time soon.

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